Importance Of Car Maintenance

Like any other machine, car also needs maintenance on a regular basis and it needs to be operated with extreme care. Most of the accidents these days happen because of poor vehicle maintenance. Cars that do not obtain service at customary intervals can break down at any time leading to accidents. If you are planning to buy a car or if you have already bought one, make sure you regularly check all the parts and fluids to ensure it functions smoothly. The owner’s manual will include all the particulars about the approved time of planned maintenance which is decided either by time or mileage.

Why Maintaining a Car is so important?

When a car is not properly tuned up, the probability of it experiencing internal damage is very high. Thus putting the driver’s and passengers lives at risk. A small internal damage can lead to a very big problem. If the problem is not addressed in the initial stages, cost of repairing also will augment with time. A car has hundreds of parts which work collectively for it to progress forward effortlessly. An issue with one part can encumber the functioning of all the other parts. As a result, you either get stranded in the middle of the road, or unfortunately meet with an accident. This turns a small problem into a relatively bigger one forcing you to spend more to fix it.

Every car owner should know and follow several maintenance tips to ensure its safety. Few of them are mentioned below.

Engine Oil:

Prior to driving the car or while travelling to far-off place, engine oil is the most fundamental thing you should check. The car’s engine has several parts which needs first-class lubrication to keep them away from untimely wear. They are 2 types of engine oil – multigrade and monograde. Monograde oil is ordinary oil while multigrade oil is specially designed oil which protects the engine and provides more mileage.

Engine Level Coolant:

Engine level coolant helps in preventing high temperature inconvenience which might lead to overheating of engine. When the ignition is on, engine combustion takes place and the temperature reaches 1000’s of degrees. Engine coolant decreases the temperature and aid in even movement of car.

Battery and Break System:

The life of car battery depends on how often the car is being used. If the car is kept unused for several days, the battery gradually becomes dead. Changing the battery to reduce further damage to the engine is very crucial. The brake fluid should be well balanced too. More or less quantity of brake fluid does not let the brake function properly leading to accidents.

Tires and Electrical System:

Make it a habit to check if all the lights including head light, park light, signal light are functioning properly. Also check for any flat tire and make sure you have a spare tyre when you are going on a long trip.

If you notice there is something wrong with your car, get it repaired as quickly as possible. Even if you have not found anything wrong, make it a habit to get the servicing of the car done by experts at regular intervals. Well maintained car lasts longer without any problems. Otherwise they wear out in a short span of time.